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May I know if I lost my wallet account, can I transfer the staking rewards to my new wallet address?
How important is community to the development of Deese?And what will you do to build a bigger commun
How does Deesse ensure the transaction value & liquidity of its NFT on Marketplace platforms?
Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto players to join your project?
Do you have local communities for them to better understand your project?
What is a Crystal Mine?
About Team backgrounds?
what is Deesse's marketing strategies?
what is Deesse's ultimate goal
How do you get more Deesse goddess?
What is a Trials Tower?
When can players participate and enjoy the games?
May we know what are the reasons behind screen freeze in game?
May we know if the third stage of staking has started?
why did your team choose to be anonymous?
If I am successful in joining the beta program, will I be paid in $LOVE or USDT? How much can we ear
May I know if there is an usage limit of 2 times for all my hired mercenary goddesses?
Can you tell me what is Today’s maintenance update
May I know how to check my staking transaction records?
May I know what has been repaired during this maintenance?
What are the uses for chess pieces in the Mystery page?
May I know if the attribute for mercenary goddesses is the same as their original attribute?
May I know if there will be private placement funds?
Why are the prices for the second staking campaign NFT higher than the first?
May we know what will be repaired during this update?
Is there any customer service that can help us with questions on Deesse?
Must both NFT and LOVE tokens be staked to get beta testing rights in the form of google?
Can you tell us about the background and experience of your project DEVELOPMENT TEAM?
Have the technical team received our feedback, will they be publishing changes to the game?
Can you share with us different gameplay modes of Deesse?
If our nft card has very good equipment, can we increase the price of the card?
How do I take part in the staking campaign, do you have any tutorials for it?
Why you choose Binance Smart chain? why you choose BSC?
May I know the reason why there is no Tsukuyomi on the wish list?
Is Deesse interested in adding more mythologies in the future?
What is Deesse's storyline?
What is Deesse?
How to start playing Deesse?
What is LOVE token?
Can I use multiple same goddess cards for my battle team?
What does the phrase “ Enjoy to Earn” mean?
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